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kidofkulelna's Journal

Young!Bakura Floret
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Bakura, nicknamed Floret, is a younger version of Thief King Bakura, taken from his timeline during the Kul Elna attack.

Upon first arriving, he passed the attack off as a dream and lived as normal in a new place, but in March 2009 he was sent home and found out that his village being attacked really happened, receiving part of his scar and becoming blind in the same eye. He was told soon after by another version of himself that nobody survived, and that the attack was carried out by the Pharaoh. The only Pharaoh he knew however was Pharaoh Atem, and therefore he is scared of them and they are the most likely targets for Diabound.

He owns his Diabound who is currently and oversized venomous albino cobra, who will not hesitate to attack and kill anyone who attacks Floret (with very very few exceptions.) This snake started as a spirit possessing a stuffed bear, and while he can’t do it anymore the bear is still important to Floret. He also has the red Thief King Cloak, but he doesn’t wear it often (unlike teenofkulelna) – this doesn’t mean he’ll let you touch it, though.

He currently shares a room with himself, teenofkulelna and traumayouth.
Name: Bakura [Nickname: Floret]
Age: 7/8
Height: 103cm (ish)
Sex: Male
Hair Colour: Dusty White
Eye Colour: Purple/Clouded
Clothes: By rule, he wears a raggy brown robe-dress thing – however he’s not above wearing girls dresses, because he doesn’t realise that different clothes are for different genders, and trousers are weird.
Other notes: Blind in one eye, has one part of the scar on said eye.
He’s illiterate.

Notable possessions:
Squeaky Teddybear "Diabound"
Stuffed lullaby doll from brbshoestealing
Stolen pornographic doujinshi hidden in various places in his room – he can’t remember he has them though.
Mun name: Fushia - ghift
Email: astronorn2@gmail.com
MSN: astronorn2@gmail.com
AIM: Fushiarabbox
Skype: Ghifto

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Boys are made of chuckles & grins,
Tousled hair and banged-up shins,
Things with wheels & frogs in pockets
Questions, baseball caps, & rockets;
They're joy & mischief, fun & noise-
That's how it is - boys will be boys!

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